Borneland 22. mixtape

Maj-udgaven i Bornelands mixtape-serie har titlen "Key to our universe". Dette 22. mixtape i rækken bevæger sig vanen tro rundt i Bornelands elektroniske univers. Vi håber du vil nyde de glade og funky rytmer, så det kan blive soundtracket til din weekend. Dette har Borneland duoen selv skrevet til denne måneds mixtape:

It is no secret that Borneland has moved into a new studio. With a new studio comes a new key; a key to a new room, a key to a new every day life and a new morning walk. One thing that will remain the same is our universe and the hours we spend in our studio. Our studio is a place where hours pass, days float together in one big ocean of weeks, months and years, where quantitative time becomes superfluous and only qualitative time matters. Our studio is a place where we decide on everything, and only we define our preferences and what we like. Behind the thick and sound-proof walls you will find a world of dreams and hopes. This mixtape is the key to our universe. Welcome in!

00:00 - The Harpoons - Unforgettable (Original Mix)
03:22 - 6th Borough Project - In Your Arms (Original Mix)
07:46 - Pablo Sanchez - Discofix (Original Mix)
13:01 - Joeblack - Show Me Love ft. Robin S (Extended Instrumental Mix)
19:00 - Yamil Bandi - Beats Of Love (Original Mix)
24:05 - Phil Weeks - Live At Palladium (Original Mix)
30:56 - Jay Shepheard & Matthew Burton - Liberal Zee (Session Victim Remix)
36:00 - Nine Lives - Adagio (Original Mix)
41:09 - Tony Betties - So Cool (Holmes Price Remix)
46:55 - Sam Smith - Stay With Me (Wilfred Giroux Remix)
51:09 - Blonde - Foolish ft. Ryan Ashley (Dansson Remix)
57:04 - Alex Metric ft. Oliver - Galaxy (Original Mix)

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