Woodbird Steffen Twill Pant

'Steffen Pant' is a non denim jeans that is ingenious in any context. They come in several different varieties, so there should be something for everyone. They are available in a classic, black version, which has a little bit of stretch, which makes it extremely comfortable to wear. Because the blacks fit into almost all wardrobes. They go perfectly with both t-shirts, sweatshirts and shirts . In other words, it is only the imagination that sets the limits.

In addition to the fact that you can get them in the classic, black model, they are also available in three other variants. A light gray, a dark gray and a black that has a white stripe down the side, which gives the pants a more sporty look.

The trousers thus combine both comfort and appearance. And it is generally a really good combination when buying a pair of pants. In addition, the pants are both simple and straightforward, which just helps that they can be worn at any time.

Munk Store has a wide selection of both 'Steffen Pant' and other of the Danish brand's designs. Just click on the brand and you will find a sublime selection of classic menswear. And then their products are absolutely brilliant under the Christmas tree. Soft packs will be a hit this year.

Find Steffen Twill pants from Woodbird here.

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