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Endorphin Speed ​​W - Future Black

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Immediately after launch last year, the Endorphin series did great impression on the running market, as a complete collection with three temposcoes was introduced.

The rigid semi-rigid soles, which are the foundation of Speedoll technology creating a constant momentum that generates more speed with minimal energy loss - whether distributing, pace or competition. Endorphin Speed ​​is the model intended for competition and temp rotation and provides excellent conditions to beat the personal records. The midsole consists of superted and resilient Pwrrun PB. This pebasassed material gives a total of 88% return energy and is incredibly probably compared to Pwrrun + (Saucony's second best midsole material). A rigid S-shaped nylon plate is integrated into the midsole, which in combination with 8mm drop and the shoe's unique geometry creates an energy-free springboard for the forward Speededoll technology. This technology makes running easier and faster and creates an extraordinary interaction between the runner and the shoe. The hip ends in a higherThe starting point and body in a more forward position, in this way the runner comes faster for step settlement and rolls through the step of lower energy consumption. The rigid forefoot reduces the load on Plantar Fascia, as stressed on your toes will not be as hard as with a traditional running shoe. The upper consists of an ultra thin and well-ventilated engineered mesh, which is reinforced by 3D printed structure around the midfoot, for a stable, enclosing and comfortable formfit fit. Endorphin Speed ​​is the shoe for the runner, who will have excellent conditions for running faster during both training and competition.

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