Elisha Neck Waist Coat - Oat Melange

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Knitting from Norr. Is a sure winner and gives your outfit the last touch. Elisha Neck Waist Coat - Oat Melange Works both perfect for a couple of jeans, but also for a few sweatpants on the sofa on Sundays. A good idea is always to check the washing instructions in the clothes, we fit both the clothes and the environment.

Elisha Neck Waist Coat is a super simple and comfortable knitwear from the Danish brand NORR. The knit has a high roller collar and is made in Rib.

Material: 32% Alpacauld, 32% wool, 30% nylon and 6% elastane.

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Style number: 5713690204133MS.

Fire: NORR.

Category: Sweatshirts and knit