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Star tag - Capricorn

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Jane Kønig's Startags are the perfect way to personalize your necklace, or to someone you like. The zodiac sign is a classic from Jane Kønig, and is designed is Jane's own interpretation of the well-known zodiac signs. Packed and sent in Jane Kønig jewelery boxes as seen in the pictures. - Select your zodiac sign under "sizes".

- Do not have your character? Send us an email and we'll get it to you.

- Chain purchased separately.

- Diameter: 18 "," 5 mm. & Thickness: 1.5 mm.

Style number: 2999001864729MS

Brand: Jewelry

Category: Jewelry

A piece of jewelry is probably the most important accessory a woman can own. Jewelry creates style, personality and just gives your outfit the final look. With Zodiac / Star tag - Capricorn from Jewelry you get a piece of jewelry that suits both everyday and party. Maybe Star Tag - Capricorn will be your next favorite piece of jewelry?

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Style number: 2999001864729MS

Brand: Jewelry

Category: Jewelry

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