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Zoom Stefan Janoski - Black / White

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Skate shoes from Nike SB - Black - With Zoom Air sole for better comfort and skate performance. Probably the most well-known shoe from Nike SB in the black and white version, which has been one of the clear favorites at Munk Store. Inspired by the world-famous skater, Stefan Janoski, Nike SB has managed to create a myriad of cool shoes that pave the way for a skate hall but certainly also in the street scene, where the Nike SB - Zoom Stefan Janoski model is as much fashion as it's a skate shoe.

We love shoes in the Munk Store, and therefore we have shoes & sneakers from Nike SB, where you with this Zoom Stefan Janoski - Black / White gets a sure winner for both everyday and party. Maybe Zoom Stefan Janoski - Black / White from Nike SB will be your next favorite?

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Style number: 2999001233976MS

Brand: Nike SB

Category: Shoes & Sneakers