Tom Wood maintenance

If you love your jewelry, show it.

Munk Store recommends that you treat your jewelry carefully, where you should avoid direct contact with water and chemical products such as soap, perfume and products with a sharp surface that can scratch your jewelry. Make-up, perfume and hair spray can cause fading appearance of the jewelry and discoloration.

No matter how beautiful your piece of jewelery is and how happy you are with it, we do not recommend that you take it with you in the shower, whether it is a swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna or steam room, it must always take place without your jewelery on . Protect it from moisture and keep it away from all types of heat such as radiators and windows. The stones in the rings may just as well be damaged by humid conditions.

Are you one of those people who forgets to take off his jewelry when you go to sleep? Remember it. This is probably the place where most people passively 'destroy' their jewelery.

Tom Wood uses only natural stones, where all stones come from different conditions which thus gives each stone a different hardness. Therefore, we encourage you to think about the fact that the stone may break if it should be hit by something hard.

925 Sterling Silver is a 'soft' metal. That is, strong rings made of silver, such as Tom Wood Signet rings, for example, will be more prone to blows from hard surfaces. Scratches and small dents are not perceived as a defect, but rather a natural sign that you are using your jewelry.

Tom Wood uses an anti-stress or rhodium treatment on all their jewelry. However, one can jewelry of silver still become charged over time by oxidation. Since you are completely crazy about your jewelry and want to avoid this as much as possible, make sure you gently wipe your jewelry off with a soft cloth after each use, so you get bacteria and oils removed from the skin. If your jewelry eventually starts to fade, you can go to a jewelry store where you can inquire into their favorite means of polishing jewelry. Read the instructions for the product to make sure it is done correctly.

We advise you to store your jewelry away from places where it may be exposed to natural daylight. It is a good idea to keep it stored in a separate box away from your other jewelry - which also means that you avoid scratching from the other jewelry.

Do not bend or pull on chains, bracelets or rings.

From here, things get trickier, and this is where the true glory of Tom Wood comes in handy. We hope it will last for many years.
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