Job - Digital Trade

Do you want to join a skilled and committed team in the Munk Store and Need Store?

We are looking for:

We are looking for a colleague for our webshop, who is growing rapidly. You will get hands-on experience of how to run a modern webshop in an ever-changing industry, where it is about being first with the latest trends.

You must be a welcoming person with an outgoing mind who is not pale to show your face to customers online as well as offline. You must be ready for change and ready to be part of a united, large team across several stores and departments, where the community and the good atmosphere are necessary in a busy everyday life. There are rarely 2 days at Munk Store, which is the same, so you are introduced to a changing environment, where you to some extent help to set the agenda.

In combination with the 2-year Digital Trade education, you will be equipped professionally, theoretically and practically to handle any webshop or parts of a webshop in the long run. You will be part of a webshop team, which right now has one webshop manager, one social manager and one part-time employee, who each have their area to take care of, which will also be the case with you. You can read more about the education here - Digital Trade . All school stays take place at Aarhus Business College or the Business School in Skåde, lasting 1 week per week. stay.


In collaboration with the webshop manager, store manager and our owner, you will run towards the overall overall goals that are set. Munk Store currently delivers some of the best customer service work in Denmark, where with a ranking as # 1 on Trustpilot and new approaches to running results-oriented customer service, we set new standards that you will largely be a part of . Your responsibilities will also cover a wide range of points such as:

- Responsible for product management
- Responsible for delegating work tasks to part-time employees
- Daily dialogue with in-store staff about marketing tasks for which they are responsible but which benefits both departments
- Influence on content creation for social media
- Be the best possible colleague, where you take the lead in the good mood and ensure (with your colleagues) that the work environment and facilities in the workplace are tidy and proper.
- Responsible for maintaining the webshop

The areas of responsibility will be continuously expanded the further you get in the process and your own competencies and knowledge will be greater.

You will be part of:

You will immediately become part of a young and extremely ambitious team, which ranges from store to webshop. We made a major redesign of our physical store in August 2018, so you will enter a relatively new framework and there is a prospect that the staff areas will also be renovated in the foreseeable future.

We have a strong and present collaboration with our store in Thisted as well as a collaboration store in Herning, where the daily contact is positively influenced by the experiences and gatherings that we have with these stores several times a year.

It is important to us that you are able to create and nurture the unique customer contact and experience that we constantly strive to cherish and provide.
You will also be part of one of Denmark's strongest Snapchat profiles, which is updated daily by yourself and your colleagues, while we have a total of over 50,000 followers on social media and other news channels, where it is not uncommon for staff to put on a face.

We count up to 20 employees in the Munk Store, each of whom comes along their input on how to make your and your everyday life more fun, more serious, rich in content and challenging, so that you each get the most out of your working day.

Is that you?

If you can see yourself in the above role, we would like to see your application submitted in our store in Holstebro or by email to the current webshop manager, Mathias at with the subject line: "Digital Trade student". If you have any questions about the position, you are also welcome to contact Mathias at the same email or at 27 14 81 88 . < br>
Salary is agreed according to qualifications.