Dr. Denim - Maintenance

Dr. Denim is a mix of jeans and leggings, a so-called Jegging. This means that you can not compare it with a pair of 'real' jeans, which is important for you as a customer that you are aware of, as Dr. Denim trousers are both thinner, but they are also significantly cheaper than original Denim.
We recommend that you do not wash your trousers unless they are so dirty that it is a necessity and if this is the case, remember to turn the trousers inside out and ( very important ) Avoid tumble drying your Dr. Denim pants as they are sensitive to high heat.

An ordinary wash wears on all kinds of trousers, so this is a general general rule of thumb when washing trousers. You should also be aware that the color of the pants is affected in washing. Upon repeated washing, it will be obvious that the pants gradually lose their color. The fit of the pants will also be gradually affected, as the stretch will be looser and the pants will thus change the fit.

As you can hear, there are many disadvantages to machine washing your pants, so you need to be aware, that the above factors potentially ruin your pants in the long run. This is therefore not recommended. But do not despair, there are alternatives to machine washing. We recommend that you wash your trousers by hand and then air dry.