Woodbird Steffen Twill Pant

Steffen Pants from Woodbird are the coolest pants you will ever own. The trousers feel like training trousers, but look like nice trousers that can be used for parties as well as everyday. The trousers are made of 63% polyester, 32% viscose and 5% elastane. This special composition gives a lot of stretch in the pants, which makes them really comfortable to wear. The length of the pants is both 30 and 33, which are atypical lengths of pants. 30 is short and 33 is long. The size in the waist is the same as with other brands and they are normal in size. All in all, it is a pair of trousers you will not regret buying. See the selection of Steffen Twill Pants or Steffen Worker Pants below.
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