Wood Wood - Men

Wood Wood is a Danish brand, which was created in 2002 in Copenhagen. The brand was created by three friends, all of whom were part of Roskilde's creative graffiti environment. The three friends had a common desire to start a clothing brand, and with inspiration from a wine cellar with wood panels as well as Jimmy Two Times from the movie 'Goodfellas', the name Wood Wood quickly came on the scene. Wood Wood clothing is known for a casual and cool style that combines the best of the underground and avant-garde, creating completely unique and special designs. At Wood Wood, there is a great focus on high quality, sleek design and current trends. In the design process, the creative background of the three friends is clearly expressed as they experiment to create innovative and intuitive designs that make the user feel special and stand out from the crowd. Since its inception, Wood Wood has rapidly developed into one of the most recognized clothing brands on the international fashion scene with its bold, distinctive style and high quality. Today, the Danish brand has locations in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Berlin, and the success story is guaranteed not to end yet. The brand quickly became popular and recognized for their collection with t-shirts , sweatshirts and hoodies, but since then they have experimented further with their designs. Today, they have added a graphic element to their designs, which has created a great deal of attention on the European fashion scene. At Munkstore.dk you will find a large selection of Wood Woods clothes for girls in the cool, casual style. We have, among other things, sweatshirts, blouses, shirts and bags, all of which are of the high quality that the brand is known for. Here we have gathered our entire selection of Wood Wood online, which you can be inspired by.

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