Won Hundred

Won Hundred is a Danish brand based in Copenhagen. At Munk Store, the selection of Won Hundred clothes for girls is large. We have among a large selection of dresses , t-shirts , shorts and sneakers . Below we have gathered our entire Won Hundred shop. The brand was established in 2004 by Nikolaj Nielsen, who has extensive experience in working with denim. He wanted to show the world his characteristic vision and to challenge the Danes' understanding of fashion. Won Hundred quickly managed to create a strong foundation and a recognizable identity, which gave the brand a clear place in the Danish fashion industry. The brand designs clothes for both girls and men, which are characterized by the timeless, classic and modern design with a strong identity and charisma. The brand works purposefully to create clothes that both take chances, are classic and pamper all the senses of the user. The inspiration for Won Hundred clothes is taken from movements in music, cinemas and art, which forms the basis for designing modern clothes for diverse and passionate individuals. Won Hundred appreciates the simple and understated design with fine, small details that are characterized by clean lines and a classic style in a modern perspective.

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