Tom Wood

Tom Wood is a Norwegian brand founded in 2013 by Mona Jensen. The brand has become known worldwide in record time for making quality jewelery in a simple and unique design. Today you will find Tom Woods jewelry in several leading stores. A ring from Tom Wood will help give your outfit the final character and attitude.
In other words, it will be the icing on the cake for you to get the perfect look. The rings are unisex, and you will therefore find a lot of different models, which include Cushion Black Onyx and Cushion Green Marble, which both have a square stone in black and green marble pattern, respectively. In addition, you will also find various Shield Top models, Cushion Satin, Hexagon Satin and the 'one size' Mini Signet rings for girls. Explore the selection and find the perfect ring for your own style, or mix several of the rings. If you are in doubt about which size to use, you can use our size guide .
You can also find information on how to best maintain your Tom Wood ring via our Maintenance Guide .

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