The North Face

The brand The North Face has taken the world by storm with their selection of functional clothing for adventurous people. The clothes and products from The North Face are perfect for you who want functional products and equipment that are suitable for various outdoor activities.

At Munk Store you can always find a large selection of shoes, bags, accessories, jackets, gloves and much more from The North Face. You can shop clothes from The North Face both right here online on our site or experience our delicious products from the brand in one of our stores. Read more about The North Face at the bottom of the page.

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The North Face

The popular brand The North Face was created in the 1960s by Doug Tompkins in San Francisco and started as a very small business with backpacking and ski equipment. Since then, the brand has been in great development, and today they have become one of the most popular brands in equipment for mountaineering, skiing, snowboarding, long-distance runners and other adventurous people.

The North Face products in high quality

The North Face is known for the high quality of the products and the fantastic durability. The mission behind the brand today is the same as in the 1960s: to create the best equipment for outdoor use, which inspires to explore the beautiful nature.

The North Face wants to enable everyone to explore nature, challenge boundaries and most importantly inspire to never stop exploring. That is why the brand is loved and popular among people who appreciate our nature and to explore it.

The North Face at the Munk Store

At Munk Store, we are proud to always be able to present a large selection of products in the best quality from The North Face. The North Face is a magnificent example of a brand that does something active and wants to inspire people to explore nature with us.

That's why you will always find great clothes and products from The North Face - including t-shirts, jackets, shoes, gloves, bags, backpacks and vests, which are both practical and cool for any outfit.

With us, you get free shipping and delivery for purchases over DKK 399 and fast delivery. In addition, we also have free exchange if your chosen size does not fit.

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