The North Face

The North Face

The popular brand The North Face was created in the 1960s by the couple Douglas and Susie Thompkins in San Francisco and started as a very small business with backpacking and skiing equipment. Since then, the brand has been in great development, and today they have become one of the most popular brands in equipment for mountaineering, skiing, snowboarding, long-distance runners and other adventurous people. Read more about the brand below.

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The North Face

The North Face high quality products

The North Face is known for the high quality of the products and the fantastic durability. The mission behind The North Face today is the same as in the 1960s: to create the best equipment for outdoor use that inspires you to explore the beautiful nature.

The North Face wants to enable everyone to explore nature, challenge boundaries and most importantly inspire to never stop exploring. That's why the brand is loved and popular with people who appreciate our nature and exploring it.

Never Stop Exploring

You have probably heard the quota before. The whole story behind The North Face started with the founders and the couple Douglas and Susie Thompkins, who had a passion for hiking. There was just one thing that annoyed the couple and that was the selection of clothes for their hiking adventure. This resulted in them opening their first store shortly after, and since then it has gained momentum. Today, The North Face is one of the world's leading manufacturers of clothing for outdoor activities.

The North Face T-shirt

The North Face Borealis

Are you looking for a new backpack for hiking, everyday, party or something completely different? Then the model 'Borealis' from The North Face should definitely be included in your considerations. Borealis is one of the world's best-selling backpacks, and it is popular with both young people and the elderly. The backpack was once designed for an active everyday life with running and hiking as well as great experiences. Today, the backpack is also used for completely normal everyday use, where many students use the bag happily.

The North Face Taske

Sustainability in the driver's seat

The outdoor brand The North Face has at the same time chosen to prioritize that they fortunately will not compromise on quality and the environment. If you invest in a product from The North Face, you can with a clear conscience be sure that you get a product with a long life.The North Face is one of the biggest brands in the industry, and therefore they also have a big role in relation to the environment, as they are in one of the most polluted industries in the world

The North Face has set an ambitious goal that all products they produce are made from recycled, organic or responsibly sourced materials. Which are substances derived from materials that are rebuilt over its lifetime.

It's not just their products that The North Face strives to be sustainable. The North Face has a goal of removing all disposable plastic packaging by the end of 2025. All of their packaging is produced from 100% recycled content, which is used for all of their paper materials that involve their hangtags and cardboard boxes for shipping.

You can shop a large selection of The North Face clothing, shoes, gloves, bags, jackets, accessories and much more with a clear conscience with us both online and in our stores.

The coveted Fleece from The North Face

The fleece from The North Face has always been one of their many brands. The fleece sweaters from The North Face are made of recycled polyester from Polartec®. In short, it means you can buy fleece from The North Face with a clear conscience. The North Face Fleece is therefore absolutely perfect for all seasons!

The North Face Fleece

The North Face at the Munk Store

At Munk Store, we are proud to always be able to present a large selection of products in the best quality from The North Face. The North Face is a magnificent example of a brand that does something active and wants to inspire people to explore nature with us.

Therefore you will always find cool clothes and products from The North Face - including t-shirts, jackets, shoes, gloves, bags, backpacks and vests, which are both practical and cool for any outfit.

With us, you get free shipping and delivery for purchases over DKK 399 and fast delivery. In addition, we also have free replacement if your chosen size does not fit.

You can filter our products from The North Face in categories, color, size and price. You can find our filter on the left.

Check out the selection of clothes and equipment here online on this page or visit one of our stores.

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