Sneakers - Women

If you are looking for some new footwear, then you need look no further. We have a really large selection of shoes and sneakers, and there are definitely a few that you will like. The Danes, and in particular the Danish girls, are crazy about shoes. Sneakers have just as quietly won over the stilettos, in the most preferred shoes among girls, and we put a lot of effort into that. That is why we have a large selection of sneakers for girls, but at the same time we also have completely ordinary shoes. You can find sneakers from among others Adidas , Nike , Puma and Vans . We also have both sandals, leather shoes and leather boots - with and without heel. You will find these three types of shoes from the brands Shoe Biz, Dr. Martens, Birkenstock . We go up in shoes a lot Munk Store , and therefore new shoes are constantly coming in the door. Stay updated on this page if you want to grab a pair of new shoes, sandals or sneakers. There is plenty to choose from.

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