Shorts & skirts

Shorts and skirts are indispensable in the Danish summer - you can not deny that. The two types of clothing radiate summer and spring, and there is nothing nicer than just that. That is why shorts and skirts are two of the most important items in the summer wardrobe . It's very different from person to person how you want your shorts or skirt to look, but we definitely have something to suit you. In addition, it differs from year to year which shorts and skirts are the most prominent in the fashion scene. Maturity is constantly moving within this area, which we do everything we can to keep up. Of course we have them completely classic shorts and skirts, so there should be something for everyone. Whether you want to create a base summer wardrobe , or if you want to try something new and more daring , then you can find it right here . Mix it with one t-shirts or sweatshirt , or whatever you fancy. Board our shorts and skirts below.
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