Shoe Biz

Shoe Biz is a Danish brand that makes footwear in the best quality for women and girls of all ages. The brand has gained momentum in recent years, and in particular they have begun to appeal to young people women - and it has greatly contributed to Shoe Biz's great success. The young women and girls have taken the delicious shoes with them, and for good reason. If you buy a pair of Shoe Biz shoes, you are guaranteed good quality, delicious materials, good comfort and not least really good, Danish design.

Shoe Biz values Danish and Scandinavian design highly when producing their good, robust leather shoes that fit into any wardrobe. Shoe Biz makes classic shoes, boots and sandals, so there should be something for everyone. Especially when you consider that Shoe Biz is equal to quality materials, comfort and good, Danish design. Shoe Biz is part of the prominent Danish high-fashion company Gardenia Copenhagen, which has existed since 1941. In 1989, Shoe Biz was added and today functions as a sister brand to Gardenia Copenhagen. Gardenia is known for its classic and exclusive designs, whereas Shoe Biz is known for making footwear , which is both functional, comfortable and universal.

At Munk Store, we have a large selection of the delicious and functional shoes from Shoe Biz. See also our boots from Dr. Martens!

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