Red Wing

Red Wing is an American shoe brand that produced the first pair of shoes in 1905. The brand was started in the state of Minnesota in the city of Red Wing. For the first many years up to the 1950s, their shoes were aimed at railroad workers and soldiers, but around the 1960s, attention around the boots began to rise. The boots became modern and it was a whole trend to wear a pair of Red Wing boots .

Today, the boots are a design icon with a long, interesting history behind them. At Red Wing, there is a great focus on quality, and only excellence in quality is good enough. Since the boots were originally designed as work boots, they are known for producing solid and durable boots where quality is never compromised.

Today, the boots have almost a cult status, and they have become a symbol of American traditions. All boots are hand-sewn and produced from the best material. Among other things, Red Wing only uses leather from S. B. Foot Tanning, as they know that the quality is top notch. With a pair of Red Wing boots, you are guaranteed a timeless pair of shoes that you will enjoy for many years, as they never go out of fashion. At Munk Store you will find a large selection of shoes and boots in leather from the American brand, all of which are produced from the best materials. In addition, we have accessories for the care of your shoes and boots, which can be used for the best durability.

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