Branded Rains wants to make everyday inspiring and beautiful, and with one of their raincoats you are certainly well on its way. Rain jackets are both practical and cool as they keep you dry and are in cool designs. In other words, Rain's rain jackets are perfect for the fashion-conscious consumer who does not bother to go with an ordinary, boring rain jacket.


Rains is a Danish brand, which was created with the Danish climate in mind. In a country like Denmark, which has 121 rainy days a year and is typically gray and black, there is a great need for clothes, shoes and accessories that can handle the large amounts of precipitation. Rains is especially known for their Long Puffer Jackets, which have taken the whole of Denmark and abroad by storm.

Rains regnjakke


Rains is designed with inspiration from both the modern city, Copenhagen, where there is diversity and color as well as the need for practical outerwear. Rain's rainwear was therefore established with a desire to create rainwear that should not only be practical and functional.

It should be design that was also modern and beautiful to look at. This idea created an interpretation of the classic raincoat, which is absolutely perfect in the modern street scene, where you do not want to compromise on sleek design and functionality.

Rains drifter jacket white


Rainwear and waterproof bags are something you can not do without - once you have it in your wardrobe. The jackets are popular with both women and men in different colors. The classic rain jackets are at a reasonable price of 600 and 700 kroner in short and long, respectively. So you are guaranteed a cool and practical rain jacket from Rains, which can last for many seasons, at a formidable price.

Long puffer jacket slate grey

All materials in the brand's products are carefully selected with an eye for good comfort and functionality for users. That is why the jackets from Rains, for example, are made of a strong polyester material, which has a high resistance to rain, which keeps you dry in all kinds of weather.

The jackets from Rains are also made of a delicious and breathable material, which allows the skin to breathe all the time, and you do not have to feel moist and sweaty.

RAHS - A REVOLUTION FOR RAINWEAR Rains always have their finger on the pulse in relation to current trends, style and colors. As a result, Rains has created a magical rainy universe with winter jackets, clothes and bags, all of which are modern and practical at the same time.

Long puffer jacket taupe


It can not be easier now to order Rain's delicious products for men and women.

So whether you're at home on the couch, for sports or out and about watching your first home or something completely fourth, you can get your hands on something from Rain's collection. It just requires that you can go online.

If you need clothes, bags or other accessories for your wardrobe from Rains, then you do not have to worry about opening hours, long queues and driving. As I said, it could not be simpler.

Long puffer jacket slate grey

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