Out of the American shoe brand Keds, which launched the world's first sneakers in 1916, grows in 1949 the athletic little brother PRO-Keds. PRO-Keds makes its entrance on the sports and fashion scene with the first original basketball boot Royal Hi & Lo, which quickly becomes a hit on the courts among leading slam dunkers. In 1969, the model comes with the connotatively well-heeled name 69s, which gained cult status in New York circles and up through the 1970s and 1980s became synonymous with cool hip-hop and basketball culture.

Over the next decades, the boots shine not only on street-smart motorcycles, but also in various sports arenas, where they, among other things. accompanies legendary Sucker Ray Leonards knock outs in the ring. In the new millennium, PRO-Keds is equal to street culture and the brand has designed several models in collaboration with music icons such as rapper Biz Markie. With an authentic history, famous pioneers and a timeless design, PRO-Keds is high on the charts of sneaker collectors around the world. At you will find shoes from Pro-Keds.

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