Penny is a skateboard brand created by Ben Mackay. Ben Mackay has been skating ever since he was a little boy, which is why he has always had a completely natural interest in skateboarding. This interest became the start of the company Penny.

Ben Mackay decided to bring back the little plastic skateboard he had so many fond memories of from his childhood. Penny Board is the original plastic cruiser board, which differs from the rest on the market with its high quality and the many small details. Penny Board is characterized by its cool design, which most of all reminds one of one from the 70s. The cool boards are available in several sizes, designs and in many different colors, so there is something for every taste and style. With a Penny Board, you are guaranteed a fantastic driving experience and a beautiful design with a focus on even the smallest detail. In other words, the board is perfect for you who want the best of the best - both in terms of performance and appearance. The board is designed from good materials, which gives a durable plastic board in the best quality.

At Munk Store you will find a large selection of Penny skateboards for all tastes. You will find colorful, simple, graphic and patterned skateboards, all of which have the good quality in common. In addition, you will find Penny Board accessories that can spice up your skateboard.

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