The American brand Patagonia makes clothing and equipment for a wealth of leisure activities that have made them world famous.

Their range is created with a love for nature and the world around them, which is reflected in their products.

Patagonia's products are perfect for you who live an active everyday life, and appreciate functionality, good quality and a sleek design, while at the same time emphasizing the environment and climate. It is a brand and some items we are really proud to present on the webshop in our stores. On this page you will find the coolest and most popular products from Patagonia.

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Patagonia is one of the world's leading outdoor brands, and this is not without reason. The American brand started in 1973 with clothing for climbing, but the founder Yvon Chouinard had been selling climbing equipment since 1956.

The name Patagonia fits perfectly in relation to the brand's close relationship to mountaineering and climbing in general, as it is the name of an area around Argentina and Chile, which is close to the Andes.

Patagonia's high quality products

Patagonia's specials were primarily outdoor clothing, where their range consists of both hoodies, jackets, caps and much more.

But later, equipment began to fill up more and more as the brand began developing equipment for other outdoor activities, such as fly fishing, skiing, snowboarding and surfing.

These are all activities that do not require a motor, which very well shows a picture of Patagonia's major focus points - namely to do the least possible damage to the world, but without compromising on the quality of the clothes. Patagonia's popular products are available for men, women and children

Sustainable and green brand

As mentioned, they focus very much on sustainability, which is very much reflected in their products, materials and donations.

The brand uses some of their products from organic materials and recycled materials, which in turn is part of their mission to protect the environment.

In addition, the founder in 2002 helped start the organization: 1% for the planet, with the aim of inspiring others to donate and do the same as them.

1% for the planet is an organization where members donate 1% of their revenue each year to more environmental causes.

Patagonia at the Munk Store

Patagonia is a brand we are really proud to have with us in the Munk Store. The American brand is a magnificent example of a clothing brand that goes up in and does something active to make the world a little greener by thinking about sustainability and environmental friendliness.

That's why you can find many different products from the brand with us - both hoodies, jackets and much more, and we are constantly receiving new cool news.

With us, you get free shipping on purchases over DKK 399 and free exchange if the chosen size does not fit. We are also always ready to help with an order, size, price, color or something completely different in our customer service on our webshop.

In addition, we always have fast delivery Monday to Friday.

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