Olaf Hussein

We have been really looking forward to this at Munk Store . As one of the few dealers in Denmark, we have succeeded in getting Olaf Hussein, also known to many as ØLÅF, who is one of Europe's most promising designers. Olaf Hussein hails from the Netherlands, where the brand still has their base despite OH being so coveted and attractive by large sections of Europe's fashion personalities and shops. Olaf Hussein made his serious debut on the big stage when he took over Amsterdam Fashion Week with his SS15 collection, which really became the start of OH's so far short, but exciting and in particular impressive career. With roots planted deep in a recognized Dutch denim culture, Olaf Hussein emerges as a new budding star to drive the legacy forward, which so far has succeeded quite well. Some of Olaf Hussein's clear favorites are his socks in simple colors such as white and black with the signature print ØLÅF, which is repeated in pretty much everything he does. In addition, there are also Olaf Hussein t-shirts, jackets , sweaters , shoes and caps, which stay in neutral colors, where his ØLÅF Totebags are also very well known.
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