Nudie Jeans Co

If you are a true "jeans lover", you will not miss Nudie Jeans, because the excellent quality is a brand in itself. The scale for gorgeous jeans is rising, because every time they are used, so while you live life wearing your Nudie jeans, you will soon discover that your jeans will be your "Second Skin". Respect for Nudie Jeans has been won through a strong principle of quality. The Scandinavian brand has taken the fashion scene by storm, and since its inception in 1999, they have not looked back. The international market recognizes Nudie Jeans as one of the best in the genre. With the finest Italian denim, a product has been created whose longevity overtakes all fashion trends, and where the orange thread on the back pocket is the recognizable stamp of quality. Nudie has been voted the best jeans by the toughest critics - real jeans lovers.

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