Nike - Men

Nike is probably the American brand that has had the most success worldwide. At Munkstore we have a wide selection of products from Nike: including hoodies , T-shirts, caps and of course sneakers . Nike has become a heavyweight in sneakers and sportswear. The brand was founded by Phil Knight in 1961, and since launching their first shoe on the market in 1972, Nike has taken the world by storm with the boomerang-like 'swoosh'. At Munk Store, we are very enthusiastic about Nike and have therefore made it easy for you by splitting the brand into Nike for Men and Nike for Women . The success has arisen from the fact that Nike manages to use innovation as a tool in everything they do, and it has borne fruit. Although many of Nike's sneakers were invented many years ago, they are still extremely popular today. They never get old and will probably never retire. This is simply because Nike is renewing itself. They add extra detail to their 'old' sneakers and produce sneakers with new color variations and materials. Nike is named after the Greek goddess of victory, who goes by the same name. A very well-chosen name when you consider that the brand supplies quality equipment for all kinds of sports, and that you look like a champion when you wear your new Nike sneakers. We always have a wide selection of their sneakers and their other delicious products. We have it because we know you love Nike.
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