Newline is a recognized running brand from Denmark that no sportsman or woman can be without. Newline has a mission that is quite simple: To create running and training clothes that give exercisers around the world the best clothes to train in. Newline was established in 1981 by the owner Helge Pedersen. All the running clothes are made in incredibly good quality and it can really be felt. At Newline, they have received inspiration from the hunter corps, as the owner Helge Pedersen has previously been in the hunter corps. Helge has been inspired by his experiences from the hunting corps to develop the perfect sportswear for all kinds of weather.

All items from Newline are designed with water-repellent and windproof materials. It is also made of 100% polyester, which is the ultimate running material. At Munk Store, we have our very own running club, which goes by the name Munk Store Runners. We are a large community where we run three times a week. Sounds like something for you, so you can always hop on our Facebook group "Munk Store Runners" and become part of the community. At Munk Store you will find shorts , t-shirts, jackets and tights that you will definitely not be disappointed with.

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