Mads Nørgaard - Junior

Since the End 80s Nørgaard Pleased all the fashion-interested people with its creations. So he is a tanned man on stage. In addition, his academic background that creates a lot of gravity and style safety in the collections. He combines the analyzing and well thought out with technical sophistication and sense of the always neat styles. With its attractive location in the middle of Strøget in Copenhagen, Mads Nørgaard has a perfect exhibition window for the international scene. His clothes are noted and acquired by fashion lovers from around the world, and therefore it can of course also be ordered easily and convenient here at Munk Store. The time is always in a statement-piece from this well-known Danish designer, who always keeps what you expect from his professionalism. With Monk Store Do you find a wide selection of Mads Nørgaard clothing to junior