Lee 101

Lee 101 is a sub-brand of the classic Lee brand with a great love for raw denim. The brand is Lee's original denim line, which is obvious to the denim lover. If you are a real denim nerd who loves that raw denim look, then Lee 101 is just the thing for you. The brand has released several models, which have achieved great success. You may know the Lee 101s and Rider 101s, which are available in 11oz, 12oz, 13oz and up to 23oz. Denim is consistent throughout the collection, but Lee 101 also has cool shirts and accessories that go well with the denim look. At Munk Store you will find a large selection of Lee 101 jeans, which are available in many colors and washes. With Lee 101, there are a pair of jeans for every taste, no matter what kind of jeans you are into.
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