In 1889, Henry David Lee launched the Lee brand on the American market. The goal of the brand was to change the quality of the workwear of the time. The start of the great success came in 1911, when Henry David Lee invented overalls. This was the starting shot for the status as a world-renowned brand. Lee is behind a large number of iconic styles that have gone around the world and are often seen in the street scene. Some of the classics for which the brand is particularly known are the denim shirt Western shirt and the cowboy jacket Rider jacket. At Munk Store you will always find a large selection of Lee denim. Among other things, we carry a large selection of shirts , jeans and jackets with the classic expression and the vibe that the brand is known for. If you are looking for a pair of new Lee jeans, we have both regular fit such as Daren and slim fit such as Luke, so there is something for every style and taste. There are also several options depending on which wash you are crazy about. We always have very simple, black Lee jeans, stone wash jeans or raw selvedge denim that you have to wear yourself.
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