The Fix

Le Fix is ​​a Danish clothing brand based in Copenhagen, where they have two stores. Le Fix is ​​the story of three childhood friends who in 1999 felt like starting their own brand. However, there was no clear direction for which way Le Fix should go, as the childhood friends had several areas of interest they wanted to deal with. Le Fix has therefore started with the idea of ​​taking elements from the fashion, graffiti and tattoo world and assembling it into a large art collective. With this, Le Fix created a unique recipe for creating fashion clothes for men, which has had a great impact on the success. The brand describes itself as much more than just a clothing brand - the brand creates a mood and tells a story through their clothes. At Munk Store you will find a wide range of Le Fix clothes and accessories online. We have, among other things, t-shirts, shirts and sweatshirts. Caps and hats can also be found here at Munk Store , and you can get them in several colors and variants.
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