Kaibosh is Munk Store's latest shot at the tribe, when we talk quality sunglasses at great prices. Kaibosh, which was founded in Norway, more specifically Bergen in 2013, has the philosophy that it should be easy and cheap to acquire more sunglasses. You probably know it well yourself. You have one pair of sunglasses, which are rarely replaced, as prices have often been high - this is not the case with the Kaibosh. Often the price is reflected in the quality of a product, but with the handmade sunglasses that Kaibosh offers, we feel you get more for your money. The Scandinavian expression is evident in the sunglasses, where Kaibosh is constantly searching for the latest trends and adapting to it. Of course, there are also the classics in the range, where you have Biblio, which many can relate to in its round appearance. Kaibosh Biblio has also received an upgrade in Biblio Remix, which also has the rounded edges, it is just equipped with a metal frame around. Kaibosh sunglasses come in many different colors and shapes, so we are sure that there is also one that suits you. All Kaibosh sunglasses are unisex. You even get free shipping on all sunglasses from Kaibosh. Check it out!

In addition, we have cool sunglasses from Han Kjøbenhavn here at Munk Store.

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