Just Female

Just Female is a Danish brand that was established in 2006 in Copenhagen by designer Pernille Andersen and owners Preben Laust and Steen Holtermann. The first collection was launched during Fashion Week in February 2007, and since then the brand has grown both within and outside Denmark's borders. Just Female has achieved great success, and the brand is today represented in Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Sweden and Norway, among other places. The Danish clothing brand is known for a clean and minimalist design aesthetic, which focuses on clear lines and raw details.

Just Female experiments with materials and fashion trends to create innovative designs that can inspire and tell stories. Together, this provides unique designs that are perfect for fashion-conscious girls. At Munk Store you will find a large selection of Just Female clothing online and other brands such as Ganni , Dr. Denim and Norr. We have Just Female dresses and jackets in a simple and minimalist style. In addition, we have jeans , sweaters and t-shirts for every taste. On this page we have collected the entire selection of Just Female clothing online.

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