Jane Kønig - Necklace

Jane Kønig necklaces are simple and beautiful in themselves, but dress anyone with one of the many Jane Kønig love tags pendants so you get a necklace from Jane Kønig that reflects your personality.

There are also pendants such as zodiac signs or star tags, where you have the opportunity to choose the sign that suits you or one of your loved ones to whom you intend to give the gift.

Zodiac signs are available in gilded silver, rhodium-plated and gold-plated gold, which you also know from the other known pendants. Chains are available in 4 different types at Munk Store.

You can get an anchor chain in gold-plated silver, in the light sterling silver or a darker rhodium-plated silver and gold-plated gold. Jane Kønig anchor chain is available as 42cm and 60 cm necklaces.

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The collections from Jane Kønig contain necklaces, pendants, rings and earrings.

A piece of jewelery that has received a lot of attention over the years is Love tags, where you can put together your jewelry with a letter or zodiac sign. Love tag from Jane Kønig has been popular for many years, which has the prospect of continuing for many more years.


Jane Kønig encourages her audience to be creative and experiment with their look using her jewelry.

You can for a raw and creative look combine different lengths of necklaces, for example length 42 and 60 cm.


The jewelry from Jane Kønig is available in both sterling silver, gold-plated silver and rhodium-plated, so there is something to choose from.


Jewelry can be used by everyone. Women like and adorn themselves, and what could be a better gift than jewelry?

Jewelry is fantastic as a gift for any occasion or event: wedding, confirmation, "just because" or birthday gift. Here, jewelry from Jane Kønig would be an obvious choice.

When you give a piece of jewelery as a gift, you are also assured that the person will be reminded of you every time they put the gift on.


Jane Kønig has taken us by storm and we absolutely love her necklace, pendant and other jewelry. That's why we have a large selection of whimsical jewelry from Jane Kønig.


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