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Do you absolutely love gold jewelry? Then Jane Kønig also has a large selection of it. Whether you are going to a party, birthday or work, gold jewelry gives an exclusive and luxurious look.

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Jane Kønig is a Danish jewelery brand, which was founded by jewelery designer Jane Kønig. The Danish brand saw its light in Copenhagen in 1989. After that, things went well for Jane Kønig, and people quickly caught sight of her creative jewelery.


Jane Kønig's collections are filled with unique, simple and beautiful designs that make women tear them off the shelves. Her collections have gained great popularity and some of the jewelry has become the brand's signature.

Here the V ring comes into the picture, which has become their statement ring. The ring from Jane Kønig is a ring that can create a completely cool look, expression and style, which we absolutely love.

We also do not get around the popular Love tag pendants from Jane Kønig, which have created a lot of attention among women. The pendants contain numbers, letters and symbols that you can combine so that you can create your very own design and expression.


If you are in doubt about what to give to the one you care about, then a piece of jewelry is a good bet.

Jane Kønig's jewelery is really ideal as a gift, as the price is affordable, and Jane Kønig's jewelery is in a design with an absolutely fantastic design, which most women absolutely love.

You can find necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and other jewelry from Jane Kønig in gold on the page here. Explore Danish Jane Kønig's fantastic universe and find the perfect piece of jewelery for her that you love.


We have fallen in love with the Jane Kønig jewelry and the fine universe that has been created. That is why Jane Kønig and their beautiful jewelery have been part of our webshop for the last many years.

If you are in doubt about which ring size to use, you can check out our size guide.

However it must be taken into account that you have to consider which finger you want to wear the ring on - as your ring size will be different, depending on which finger you use.


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