Jane Kønig

Jane Kønig and her jewelery have taken Denmark by storm, and it is not without reason. The jewelery is ideal for social contexts, but also for every day they can be used and spice up any casual look. At Munk Store you will find a wide selection of Jane Kønig's classic jewelery, and we especially have rings, earrings and necklaces. Among other things, you can find the popular braided rings and v ring jewelry in gold and silver. Find Jane Kønig's news and popular products both here on the site and in one of our stores.

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Jane kønig

In 1986, Jane Kønig was trained as a clothing designer at the Danish School of Design. Even then, she was focused on jewelry and accessories , which was the start of a good career with her own jewelry brand of the same name. She started as a goldsmith student after design school, where her whimsical, adventurous and rocking style was already starting to shine through. Today, that style can still be seen in her popular jewelry collections. Now she is here many years later with an enchanting design and jewelery brand with great popularity, which fills much of Denmark's fashion universe.

Jane Kønig's V ring

V ring from Jane Kønig was one of her first jewelery and has gained great popularity. Many collections and designs have come to the site. Especially the elegant lovetags from Jane Kønig have also become extremely popular among women and have become a new favorite. With them you can combine letters, numbers as well as symbols and create your very own unique jewelry.

Jane Kønig's main focus is that the materials used for the jewelery are manufactured under proper conditions. It must take place under both sustainable and sensible conditions.

Many people have a problem with not knowing their ring size, so we have created a guide that will show you how to measure your ring size. See the size guide here. That is why it is also important for many that Jane Kønig's jewelery is treated properly, which we have also written a bit about how to make the best possible. Check the maintenance guide here and get good advice.

Jane Kønig at Munk Store

We are really proud to present Jane Kønig here at Munk Store. Jane Kønig succeeds in creating products and jewelery where quality and design go hand in hand. That is why you can always find a large selection of Jane Kønig. Whether it is a necklace, ring or earring, we have something for everyone from Jane Kønig.

At Munk Store, you always get free delivery for purchases over DKK 399 and free exchange. Our customer service is always available to help if you need help with an order, color or size.

Find our news and selection of Jane Kønig's popular beautiful and elegant jewelery both right here on the site or visit one of our stores.