American Independent has landed at the Munk Store. The iconic brand started way back in 1978 in California, USA, where they produced trucks for skateboards. They still do this today, but have expanded the range to also include a whole lot of clothes - that is exactly what you can find with us.

You can find boats t-shirts , Hoodies , Longsleeves and various accessories. So there is something for everyone. The brand has in recent years made a lot of collabs, which has helped to brand them as one of the leading skate brands in the world. Among other things, they have made a collaboration with Supreme, which shows that it is not just any brand. Furthermore, it is recognized skater , Tony Hawk, part of the brand. So it is without a doubt a brand you know if you are the skater type. On this page you can find a lot of clothes from Independent, and I wonder if you can find something that suits your taste.

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