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Han Copenhagen is a fashion brand that started in Copenhagen. He Copenhagen and their history goes all the way back to 2008, when they started selling sunglasses, which very quickly led to success without so much help. Then the success continued when Han Kjøbenhavn started creating clothes as well.

Han Copenhagen quickly proved that they could not only create sunglasses at fantastic prices, high quality and cool design, but also clothes. Read more information about Han Copenhagen at the bottom of the page. On this page you will find delicious styles from Han Copenhagen on offer at a good price.

Go exploring and shopping here in our selection of Danish Han Kjøbenhavn on this page. You will find products such as hoodies, shorts, sweatshirts, accessories, t-shirts and sunglasses from Han Copenhagen on sale, which can save a lot of money.


Han Copenhagen is a fashion brand that was started back in the year 2008, where they designed sunglasses. Han Copenhagen designs classic and creative clothing for both men and women in high quality with an eye for all the latest trends in the industry.


He Copenhagen's design is classic, but at the same time there is a high focus on challenging and playing with wild prints and patterns, which women and men all over the world are crazy about.


The Danish brand Han Kjøbenhavn designs clothing collections, where you will find everything from sunglasses, sweatshirts, sweatpants, jackets to shirts, accessories and much more for both men and women.


He Copenhagen's collections have a bit of everything. For example, you will find classic t-shirts with a logo on the front. Conversely, you can also find creative and wild sweaters as part of the same collection. That way, they are good at mixing different styles.


In their popular collections, the focus is on functionality and Danish design with high quality, which matches price and expression. So you will find unique patterns and prints on their sweaters, which are for both women and men.


Match their products with a pair of jeans and your favorite shoes. If it's too hot for a pair of jeans, you can easily mix your Han Kjøbenhavn styles for a pair of shorts or a skirt.
With our large selection of Han Copenhagen, we can almost guarantee that we have the clothes in your size, color and not least taste.


There is no doubt that Han Copenhagen and their creative design, color and pattern have a place in our hearts. That is why we are very proud to be able to present this among our brands.

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