Ganni is a Danish fast-growing successful brand that has created its very own path in the fashion world. The brand is now both one of Denmark's largest brands and already a well-known brand on the international fashion scene. The beautiful clothes - and the different styles - bring a lot of charisma and style into your wardrobe without compromising on quality. See the large selection of accessories, dress, skirt, t-shirt, pants, bags, knitwear, software and much more right here on the page.


Ganni - A Successful Brand

Ganni is a Danish fashion brand that delivers high quality clothing. The Danish brand is based on the Scandinavian expression. However, they do so without being limited by the minimalist features.

At the same time, they manage to bring a lot of personality into their collections with the help of all sorts of colors, prints, squares and patterns.

The brand hits really wide, and does not want to narrow its audience too much - which we absolutely love.

So whether you are the young brave and confident student who wants to stand out and radiate awareness of your clothing style or the mature sophisticated woman who has the desire to look checked out and follow the trends of the time - Ganni has something for you!

Creative director Ditte Reffstrup and Nicolaj Reffstrup from Ganni

The brand was founded in the year 2000 in Denmark, where a local Copenhagener produced cashmere clothes. In 2007, a development took place in the brand's history, when talented creative director Ditte Reffstrup joined the company.

A little later, Nicolaj Reffstrup joined the brand as CEO. Then the task was to relaunch the brand and jointly establish a brand and then focus on branding it.

It must be said to have succeeded for the couple Nicolaj and Ditte Reffstrup, as it really took off after their involvement. This has led to great growth and huge development for the clothing brand in record time. The couple took over the company in 2009 with a vision to design classic, colorful, feminine and beautiful clothes that will fit into any woman's wardrobe.

The brand designs 4 collections annually, which include everything from lingerie to shoes, nightwear, outerwear, shorts, accessories and much more. The inspiration for their collections and design comes from beautiful, feminine and brave women from all over the world.

Kjole fra Ganni på tilbud. Se pris på billige kjoler, bukser og andet tøj hos Munkstore.

Ganni is on the Danish and international fashion scene

Ganni has managed to create a brand that is today well known and sought after in both the Scandinavian and international fashion scene. This makes their unique colorful collections spot on women all over the world.

Gannis beautiful design with play is created for feminine style-conscious women who value clothes in good materials and with a good fit. Their products are produced in delicious materials at a price that lives up to the quality.

Ganni has by combining trends from the past and the best from the present found their very own way forward in the fashion world. Each season, they surprise with cool new designs and choices that sit right in the closet, causing people to tear their clothes off the shelves.

As I said, the coveted designer clothes are not only to be spotted in the street scene in Denmark. A host of the hottest names abroad have been spotted in Ganni's cool and detailed clothes.

Big cool international superstars like Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, Jesssica Alba, Alexa Chung and Kate Bosworth have all thrown their love over their clothes.

The Danish fashion brand has a wide range and many products, where you will find everything from skirts to the cool statements t-shirts , blouses, shirt, jeans, dresses, knitwear, accessories and more

Wild prints and colors with Ganni

An explanation for Ganni's enormous success in the Danish and foreign fashion scene could be their always bold and creative collections.

The Danish brand always comes out with collections that are full of energy, a lot of color and wild prints. That way, they go a step further and dare to stand out more from other fashion brands - which we absolutely love.

Common to the products is that they are highly recognizable and signal and radiate confidence. It's no secret that the brand focuses on standing out from the crowd and not looking like everyone else. In this way, the brand encourages their audience to express themselves and be creative through their clothes.

Ganni also has an eye for the small details and the sharp cut, which is clearly reflected in their clothes with their creations, where even the smallest detail is carefully thought out. The brand is thus characterized by the fact that they work especially hard on the last touch on all their styles - nothing is left to chance.

Ganni also uses shapes on the clothes to radiate personality and femininity. Here they make use of wide collars, ruffles and large sleeves on the clothes, which helps to make their design unique.

With their clothes and products, they create a creative universe that very few clothing brands have managed to create.

Ganni t-shirt på udsalg til en fair pris. Se priser på vores flotte kjoler, bukser og andet tøj

For everyday and party

Although their fashion clothes are eye-catching, witty, intriguing and wild, it's cool that you can make different combinations with it. Ganni's clothing opens up the possibility of both toning it up and down and mixing crosswise.

For example, you can easily tone the clothes down to a casual look for a day at work. On the contrary, you can also spruce it up with a belt or high heels and use it for this year's summer party or company party.

Then you are looking for an outfit that is nice and gives you a lot of choices in terms of styling for both everyday and party - then you have come to the right place!

Thinking about the environment

At the same time, the fashion brand has chosen to prioritize that fortunately they will not compromise on quality and the environment. That's why you get a high quality product with a long life if you invest in a Ganni product.

Ganni is also a brand that in particular steps into character and tries to impress a fashion industry, which is one of the most polluted industries in the world.

The brand does not see itself as a sustainable brand, but will with some of their environmentally conscious choices try to be among the climate managers in the industry. This is a development that has been clearly seen in recent years. They are constantly trying to work in a more and more sustainable direction.

Some of the areas that Ganni works with are, for example, material recycling and CO2 compensation. With this, they take a step further in the direction of a greener planet and show consideration for the nature around us.

You can also find washing instructions on the clothes, which state in detail how you can best care for and wash your products to ensure as long a life of the clothes as possible.

Ganni the boots

Besides their coveted and recognizable dresses, Ganni has also managed to make a name for herself with another product. It is their footwear that has become popular - and it is not without reason. In their shoe range you can find everything from sandals to boots.

With a pair of their footwear, you are guaranteed an elegant and cool look and a comfortable shoe - which your feet will thank you for later. With this, they manage to create a shoe where quality, comfort and appearance go hand in hand.

The season's single and stylish boots are available in several models and lengths - both in short and long. Especially the fashionable knee-length boots can be found on lots of feet all around. The boots help to give edge and create a raw and chic look in one's wardrobe.

At the same time, the boots are of course something you can use for a long time, as they work for more than one season and several looks. Put the finishing touches and put on the long boots for a nice summer dress, and your clothing crisis is saved.

Boots can also be used for other slightly colder seasons - wear them for example for winter and autumn, respectively, with a long jacket, trousers and a cool bag or other cool accessories.

Treat yourself and order your desired boots, sneakers or sandals right here on that page, or find them in our store.

GANNI with us

You can probably sense that our enthusiasm for Ganni is high.That's why we are really happy to present Ganni in our range, where you can find the latest and most popular styles in the season's prints, materials, colors and expressions

Therefore, you can always be aware of the season's style and trends with products from Ganni. Ganni is our absolute best-selling brand both in our stores and here on the webshop.

One reason for this could be that Ganni manages season after season to innovate and make cool designs and styles for women in Denmark and the rest of the world. At the same time, they always have their finger on the pulse when it comes to fashion trends. You can therefore always expect to find the latest trends in Ganni's range.

We say it again - Ganni caters to most women. With the clothing's combination of the feminine and the raw, most women are sold. Not only can you be creative with their clothes and mix in different ways, you can also style it "safe" in just the way you feel comfortable in.

That way, Ganni once again manages to make their audience, also called Ganni Girls, as big as possible - with many cool women all over the world.

At our webshop you can always find something from Ganni for any occasion. No matter if you are going to a party or you need some cool software clothes for a cozy day on the couch - then Ganni has what you need!

Psp. if you lack inspiration for styling the various delicious Ganni styles, you can check out our Instagram, where we update daily with cool styling options. Check it out here:

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