Dr. Denim

Among the many well-known Swedish brands you will also find Dr. Denim. As the name might suggest, they have made it their specialty to make jeans . They started with a vision to create the perfect jeans, which i.a. has resulted in the popular leggings-like pants, such as Plenty, Solitaire, Moxy, Lexy. The wish was quickly fulfilled, and now Dr. Denim jeans are a faithful companion for many young people. We are really happy for Dr. Denim, but we are also aware that there are some factors that you as a customer need to be aware of. It's about the fit of the pants and then it's about maintenance. We have made two pages that we think you should take a closer look at to get the most out of your pants. Take a look at maintenance here . Dr. Denim creates jeans in high quality and with a solid design, which continues to be current. Dr. Denim leaves nothing to chance, and they are picky about even the smallest detail. Dr. However, denim also makes other things than jeans . You can now also find shorts from Dr. Denim right here.

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