Since 1922, when Dickies started as a small company and looked forward to the day when Dickies has evolved to be one of the biggest brands in the production of clothing. Dickies stands for American top-quality roughness on a stable, high-level functionality and the epitome of pride in the product. The products from Dickies consists mostly of workwear, which over time has become fashion on a casual level and for a nice price, which range counter t-shirts, pants and more. Many know Dickies their Original Fit Work Pant as the brand name for Dickies. Pants from Dickies will find course at Munk Store along with all the other categories. Dickies is fashion with a perfect merging of life where there is something for everyone.


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Dickies was founded in Texas in the USA back in 1922. The American brand Dickies has experienced great development, and is now one of the world's largest brands.


Dickies, The Williamson dickie company has managed to create clothes that are loved and known by people from all over the world.

The American brand Dickies create timeless clothes for both men and women who do not go out of fashion the next long while. With Dickies, you are hereby guaranteed clothing that keeps many seasons in your wardrobe.

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Dickies started as mentioned way back in 1922, when they produced work for American workers in the form of shirts, t shirt and pants. Since then Dickies not only received considerable attention from workers, but also streetwear lovers have become aware of the clothing or workwear, and the quality and style that is the, and have taken the products from Dickies for themselves. Dickies has the entire journey focused on both the functionality, performance and comfort. Meanwhile, Dickies has focused on quality in every 100 years, which is said to be felt at Dickies clothing.


Comfortable and streetwear style and attitude epitomizes Dickies. This has made the streetwear lovers from around the world river Dickies off the shelves. Dickies are known for their comfortable clothes, among other things their t shirt and jeans with different fit, all of which are made of durable material.

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At Munk Store you will always find a large variety of products and clothing from Dickies for a good price. We are always ready to help with products, price, gift certificates or whatever you need help every day. In addition, you always get both free shipping orders over 399 kr., Fast delivery and free return.

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You will find everything from belts, t shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, durable jeans and shirts from the successful brand so you can radiate style and attitude. Sit back and enjoy their selection for men and women and find your favorites from Dickies among our selection. You'll always find our wide range of Dickies in one of our stores, or shop our products from Dickies online right here.