The Dutch brand CLUSE is Munk Store's latest watch brand. CLUSE focuses on elegance, minimalism and on keeping a watch simple. Especially the watch 'Minuit' is an example of just this, which with the well-known leather strap works for all outfits - both formal and informal. CLUSE's leather straps are also available in some slightly different colors, which can help to spice up your outfit a bit if you want this. The watch 'La Bohemé' is also a good example of what CLUSE stands for. This watch is also available with a bracelet, which like the leather strap works in any situation. The watches are designed with a very classic and timeless design that you will be able to use for many years into the future. Whether you are into CLUSE watches with black, brown or even pink straps, you can find it with us.

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