Cheap Monday

Cheap Monday is a Swedish brand which, since their start-up in 2004, has delivered high-quality clothing, among other things. Jeans, t-shirts, shirts, shorts, sunglasses and jackets are among the things that Cheap Monday has on their repertoire. Cheap Monday produces both for Cheap Monday for Men & Cheap Monday for Women . The idea behind Cheap Monday is to produce jeans that are both high quality and affordable. It was the cornerstone of Cheap Monday, and even though a lot of water has flowed into the creek since they started, it's still something they stick to. Cheap Monday jeans are both cheap and solid, and they can be used in all contexts. In fact, Cheap Monday jeans are so sturdy that a pair can easily live for many years. But it's not just their jeans that are worth investing money in. Cheap Monday also specializes in making everything from shirts to tops. This is also the reason why Cheap Monday is pretty much to be found in the wardrobe of all young people.

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