Many of you definitely know Champion and their iconic logo. At Munk Store you can find Hoodies, Sweatshirts , T-shirts, various Accessories and a whole lot of other things from Champion. The brand was started way back in 1919 by two brothers from New York who had a love for sportswear. It was also sportswear they started making, where they have since expanded the range quite a bit.

They started selling clothes at the University of Michigan, but the rumor spread quickly - and so did Champion. The rumor of the new quality brand also reached the military, where they started getting Champion clothing for their sports lessons. The logo that so many people know, was created in 1950 and has hung around ever since - for almost 70 years. By far most of the clothes from Champion are Unisex, and are therefore perfect for both boys and girls. Whether you are looking for a new T-shirt , a Hoodie or a Sweatshirt, you can find it right here at Munk Store. Check out our entire large selection below.

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