Casual - Men

At Munk Store you will find a large selection of casual clothes for men, and there will always be news to be found on our webshop. In our casual section you will find high quality clothes that do not have the big arm movements in the form of colors, patterns, etc. In other words, there is a focus on neutrality, quality and comfort. At Munk Store, we have a large number of brands that live up to those criteria, but especially NN.07, Garment Project and Dr. Martens, are some of the brands that have really taken pride in creating clothes that above all have a high quality and good comfort. In this section, it is also these brands that you will encounter further down the page, precisely because the brands cater to the more casual style, which still has a bit of an edge. In the section you will find clothes that can be used both for everyday and for special occasions.
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