Trousers - Men

What are non denim pants for men, you might be thinking. It's really quite simple; these are pants that are not jeans. Of course we have a lot of them here at Munk Store. It can be chinos, suit pants or twill pants. You will find our non denim trousers in a myriad of variants, fits and colors, and here in the category we have a lot of brands represented. We have, among other things, trousers from the Danish brands Woodbird , NN07 and Wood Wood .

They all know something very special. The pants from Woodbird are stylish, but at the same time super comfortable. NN.07's contribution is large, colorful and interesting. The pants from Dickies are casual and fit into wardrobes, which will not show the outside world that they are neat and polished. Common to them all, however, is that it is super good quality. In this section, you can also find various trackpants, which are super popular these days. These are just a selection of the non denim pants we have at Munk Store. Go exploring and find your next pair of pants here. It can quickly get so boring if everyone goes in jeans.

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