Brand8 is a dew-fresh Danish brand with courage and heart, launched in February 2010. Brand8 is a street fashion brand that goes Sir Geldorf and co. in the beds by donating eight percent of the profits to charity, hence the name Brand8. The brand can already be found on high fashion shelves and glossy magazines, which support the B8's good style and cause. Behind the brand is Thomas Ørum, who has an international background in the advertising industry and has worked as art director for skateboard brands such as Dog Town, World Industries and Enjoi. Ørum designs the collections together with selected designers. The collections consist of everything from T-shirts, sweatshirts and shorts to cardigans and jackets that mix casual streetwear with high-end styles and materials. B8's printed T-shirts benefit from the creative designs of various freelance artists, which create a varied expression from collection to collection. Previous collections have i.a. carried Shft / This Issue, Fie Lindholm, Jón Ingi Hallgrimsson, Martin Ransby and Christian Friis' brush and pen strokes.

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