Birkenstock children - Junior

Birkenstock is a German brand that has taken Denmark and throughout the world by storm with their comfortable and fashionable sandals. The brand designer shoes for both sexes and kids, so there is something for the whole family. Explore right here and choose from the various models.


You may have heard the name before and seen the shoes before, but do you know enough for the successful brand and did you know for example, that they also produce shoes for children? Read on here to learn more about the brand.


More and more people have taken the popular Birkenstock to over the years, but the brand's history goes back many years. The brand was actually founded about 1774 in Germany, where the first models so its light. The shoemaker Johann Adam Birkenstock began developing and producing shoes, which his family for many generations continued. The core of the brand was to create a comfortable shoe where comfort and quality was paramount. It must say to have managed the brand because the brand is one of the most successful brands in Germany.


Birkenstock shoes for children are available for both sexes - both for girl and boy, and right down to size 30. You can treat your kids with a few delicious and pleasant birkenstock sandals right here on the page. One of the most popular models include Arizona, which stands at a cost of only 450 DKK. The model is characterized by its simple design with two straps which go over the toes. The model is available in different colors, so there is something to choose from. Find the model here.


Most children - both girl and boy, have an active day in kindergarten, school, or leisure time each day. Here it is extra important and necessary for the little ones to use some shoes or sandals that they may have on without pain, and sore feet. Here comes the popular shoe in. The soles are namely manufactured such that the molds to your particular foot, giving you the best comfort when using them - how cool is not it?


When your children have tried the comfortable shoes and sandals, we guarantee that they are sure not going back to the old shoes. With the shoe soles content and you are assured of a shoe that not only look fashionable, but also in good quality and comfortable to go in for your children.


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We love Birkenstock, and can not actually get my arms down. The popular brand has long been part of our product range for men and women, but we are very proud to also present a great variety of brand shoes for the children.


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