Alis is a Danish brand, which was founded in 1995. Originally, Alis was an underground movement from Christiania, but the brand has since developed into a cool, Danish fashion company. In the beginning, the company only produced keychains, but today Ali produces clothes, accessories and caps. At Munk Store you will always find a large selection of Ali's clothes , and we have many cool offers for your new t-shirt, sweatshirt or cap. In addition, we have Ali's underwear and accessories for iPhones that can complete your look. The inspiration for the collection comes from the skater community, which is clearly expressed in their cool t-shirts . Although Alis gets inspiration from skaters, the brand has spread, so that today the clothes can be seen everywhere in the Danish street scene. On this page we have gathered a selection of Ali's clothes and accessories, which we at Munk Store think are worth a closer look.
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