Wood Wood launches denim line

Wood Wood has long worked to arrive at the right product. But as with so much else, time also just provides a better product. The collection clearly shows that the brains behind it have long worked to reach the absolute best qualities, fits and washes. They are now ready to release the new collection, consisting of denim products.

The collection, which consists of jeans in several different fits, denim- jackets and a number of other products, are characterized by having a contemporary expression where the detail is circled. Although the term is contemporary, there are a number of very clear 90s references. Or to be precise, the collection is imbued with hints to the 1990s.

The collection contains both white, blue and black denim. But trousers with sway and blunt trousers can also be found in the new collection, which makes it fully molded in every conceivable way. In addition to the 90s-inspired denim, there were also a number of accessories in the collection.

When Wood Wood launches a collection like this, we sit and clap our hands. Because that is exactly the style that we want to pass on to our customers. Denim never goes out of style, and the new collection is a living proof of that. In other words, you need to hurry to buy something from the collection - if not the whole thing. Otherwise, we will simply come after you, because the new collection from Wood Wood is so razor sharp that you almost cut yourself on it.

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