Did you know you're one of the skinheads of the '70s?

Docs, DMs, Doctor Martens, Doc Martin, Dr Matens ... Dear child has many names. While not all of these names are equally accurate, they all point in the direction of the iconic leather shoes and boots that Dr. Martens has been producing for more than half a century.

Rebellion, rebellion and breaking the norm. These are all predicates that can be put on Dr. Martens. For the brand is often equated with the many different subcultures of the last century. And it's everything from 1970s punks, skinheads and grunge fans. But the classic boots reached out wider. They were also used extensively by both the English police and the English postal service.

However, the iconic boots are most of all the essence of the skinhead culture style, and they only get nicer from wear and tear. The all-classic 1460 model still holds. And it will probably continue to do so. The 1460 model, which was the first model ever, was first published on the first of April 1960. It can thus celebrate its 56th birthday in half a year.

Since the 1460 model came into the world, much has happened to Dr. Martens. Even though they have stuck to their rebellious roots, there has still been room for renewal. For now you can find both Chelsea Boots, Broques and Sandals. You can even find boots with a floral pattern.

Dr Martens shoes are ideal in any wardrobe. Precisely because they are found in so damn many guises. The shoes withstand both wind and weather and the ravages of time, so they are without a doubt worth the investment. So buy yourself a pair of the classic shoes with both yellow stitching, solid sole and historical value. You will come to regret it late.

See the full range of Dr Martens to gentlemen here - and Dr. Martens for girls here.

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